sujit sethia, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2005
He made Accountancy so easy that i used to think - - this content should have been part of our higher secondary/graduation course - accountancy is so easy, i could have studied myself and saved the fees paid😜. Thank God, i didn't tried it else my CA certificate would have shifted by an year. You dont teach students but understand what they want. Thanks Bhaiya, Sujit Sethia
Soumaydeep Guha, IPCC, Accounting-, Advanced Accounting-, , 2014
sir is the most friendly teacher that i have ever met....sir teaches us with great care n with very simple way where we don't feel any difficulty in understanding any topic....sir never gets annoyed even if we ask one question more than one time....he also solves our doubts with his own hands....and the most important thing is that sir gives us lots of knowledge about the outer world and about the corporate lives...etc the best accountancy teacher, friend and motivator....
Aradhana Jain, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2011
Sudarshan Bhaiya is a prime example of how learning can be fun. Apart from THE BEST teacher he is also a great Human Being.Thank you Bhaiya for you guidances.
CA Sangram Keshari Das, FINAL, Financial Reporting-65, Rank -43, 2013
I really admire the method of teaching of sir which not only clears concepts from the basic level but it brings out best from student in terms of understanding the subject. Coming from science background & learning ABCD of accounting from IPCC level till securing AIR rank 43 and that too in the most difficult term of Nov 2013 was all due to exhaustive & innovative study method of Sir. I always say he is the gem of accounting subject.
MD ABDUL HAKIM, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2015
very good communication skill I only want to say Nothing like any thing.....
Viresh Thacker, IPCC, Accounting-, Advanced Accounting-, Financial Management-, 2015
Sir, you are the best teacher I know..you make accountancy so easy and the best part about you is that you teach every aspect from the root to the top.. Your FM classes are so fun..your real life examples and the "entertainment" u give..all seems like watching a movie and yet learning a tonne of things..Glad to be one of your "MUNNAS" :P
Ramanuj Mishra, IPCC, Accounting-77, , 2011
I was from Science background, and before joining IPCC Class from you i was thinking that the probability to pass in this paper is .25 & I had expected that i will get 40-50 marks in the accounts paper. But after joining your classes i got the solution of the question " how to read the accountancy & most important how to get the marks in accountancy". Really you are the Rajnikant of Accountancy. Presently i am in Delhi and missing your classes. I hope you will provide the satellite classes in the near future. Thank You.
Deepak Kumar Das, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2014
Really great sir ... your method of coaching is great...God of Accounting
Komal Khandelwal, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2010
He is one of the best teacher of Accounts.He made accounting standards so easy.
SB, IPCC, Accounting-, Advanced Accounting-, Financial Management-, 2009
He is the BEST teacher i have came accross in my life. In his class i never used to feel that i was studying, it used to be a fun experience with true value addition. Thank You Sir :)
sanjana murarka, IPCC, Accounting-75, , 2013
thank you so much sir for your guidance to the subject wch enabled me to clear my exams
CA Binay Kumar Mohata, FINAL, Financial Reporting-80, 2013
Sudarshan Bhaiya is one such teacher i respect and inspire the most.. Even after i have passed, i would still love to go and attend his classes for just his excellence he infuses in his teaching. Thank you so much sir.
Aditya Manpuria, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2011
For me there are only 3 legends on this earth : Sir Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi and Sir Surdarshan Agarwal. Having similar personality and grace.
CA Pradeep Chowdhury, FINAL, Financial Reporting-61, 2012
One of the BEST Teacher and Guide of my Life...... Thank you Sir....:-) Without you ACCOUNTING would have been a NIGHTMARE.....
SANDEEP SHARMA, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2013
before u i had 3 idols in my life....Sachin Tendulkar....Dhirubhai Ambani & Atal Bihari Vajpayee..but now i hav my 4th idol in the name Sudarshan Agarwal!!!
SATYABRATA TRIPATHY, FINAL, Financial Reporting-62, Rank -NA, 2011
PUNIT KUMAR JHA, IPCC, Accounting-91, , 2011
THANKS A LOT TO SIR........................
JAGABANDHU SARANGI, IPCC, Accounting-70, , 2012
An Ever Green Accounting Teacher In INDIA......Proud To Be A Oria....
Akhilesh kumar, FINAL, Financial Reporting-59, Rank -NA, 2012
Bhayia, you are really the king of the industry. Attending your classes means coming out of a movie hall...no frustration,no tension n finally no back pain....enjoyed your classes the most in ca pcc and final....
CA. B.S.PAUL, FINAL, Financial Reporting-58, Rank -na, 2009
Sudershan sir is the best sir fore ever. He was, is and will be the guru of accounts.
Jasmine Kaur Anand, IPCC, Accounting-, , 2012
Firstly i would like to thank you sir :) Secondly i hope for your father's speedy recovery , hope to see you soon!
Anupam Ghosh, IPCC, Accounting-65, Advanced Accounting-61, , 2010
My words of appreciation for sir goes beyond accounts as he not only teaches but inspires & develops love for the subject within students. Through his classes i achieved an interest towards the subject & today i am in a position to tackle my clients needs with ease. Hope to gain more & more from him...thank u sir... :)
CA Yogesh Kr.Agarwal, FINAL, Financial Reporting-63, 2007
I could observe a lot of changes in the field of CA course and profession as well.. I learned so much thing from Sudarshan Bhaiya apart from study.. One is never give up in any situation..its you who fall but have efficiency to getup again and run..SO far accounts are concerned it was like "PAANI" when he taught.. Thanks Bhaiya...
SUBHAM AGARWAL, IPCC, Accounting-, , 2012
sumit agarwal (pansari), IPCC, Advanced Accounting-, , 2012
Sir u teach me how to study with confidence.You are the best teacher of my life.Thank you Sir.
Moiz Chudawala, IPCC, Accounting-71, Financial Management-60, 2011
There's no one quite like a special teacher, and no teacher quite as special as you. ..........Sir It was just Because of your elegant Teaching Skills......I have secured the above mentioned marks.....I still Miss your classes.......
rehan chowdhury, IPCC, Accounting-, , 2011
most lively and refreshing class...and sirji makes the subject so light that we doesnt feel tiring...such an inspirational and down earth person is hard to find inthis world....one word "THE BEST"
Upmanyu Banerjee, IPCC, Accounting-63, , 2011
I got exemption because of Sudharshan Sir MAT.....his MAT is the best...in an average 20 question every chapter....and every term it always comes from his MAT ...abou 80% Questions comes from his ACCOUNTANCY MAT... Thank You Sir......
AMAN AGARWAL, IPCC, Accounting-87, , 2012
What separates SIR from others is the love for the subject..To teach with so enthusiasm and explain each sum requires immense talent and patience and SIR has it all...My approach towards the subject has really been changed
CA Birendra Gupta, FINAL, Financial Reporting-53, 2012
If someone wants to know and learn accounting, they should visit this professional teacher. I give him A+++ Rating. I also congratulate my other friends who got an opportunity to be a student of such a friend rather than a teacher.... Thank You Bhaiya...... CA Birendra Gupta (May 2012)
Vivek Agarwal, FINAL, Financial Reporting-59, 2011
Sudarshan Bhaiya has been a great factor leading to my success, a teacher who who teaches with great personal touch and care, and who has been the reason of success for so many CA's. The pioneer of CA couching classes in Kolkata and a person who personally keep in touch with his past students. The Sachin of teaching fraternity.
suraj kumar khetan, FINAL, Financial Reporting-64, 2011
OHHHHH!!!! M writing 4 a person who is a real motivator, trainer, nd guider....... i wl alwyas b thankful to god 4 giving me a chance to take classes 4m this person....... relly miss u nd ur classes bhaiya... U R THE BEST... CA SURAJ KUMAR KHETAN, FINAL 64, PCC 86
Sachin Singh, FINAL, Financial Reporting-58, 2012
Sir, Thank you for your continuous support throughout my CA career...You have always helped way in whatever way you can...I really thank you from the depth of my heart:-)
anil kumar shaw, IPCC, Accounting-, Advanced Accounting-, Financial Management-, 2012
congratulation sir!today we all student salute you with great respect.thanks for giving a topper to our country...........
Sonal Jumrani, IPCC, Accounting-, Financial Management-, 2012
sir is like a living god.he is very much concerned about everyone around him and is unthinkably grounded.while teaching he moulds his thinking pattern just like that of his students.he is able to connect to even the most quietest student in his class. it is possible to find thousands of teachers but not a very true teacher like him.he deserves to be the KING of the whole teaching fraternity.
Nishant Tiwari, IPCC, Accounting-52, Advanced Accounting-58, Financial Management-65, 2011
Sir, its all thanks to your "easy to understand logic" and practical examples that I made it in to the finals of CA. It has been a pleasure t be your student and I owe a part of my small success as of now to you. Thank you very much Nishant Tiwari -CA Final 2014
PROSENJIT DATTA, FINAL, Financial Reporting-, 2011
Sir u teach me how to study with confidence.You are the best teacher of my life.Thank you Sir.
HARE RAM SINGH(AMIT), IPCC, Accounting-66, Advanced Accounting-65, Financial Management-, 2011
Thank u sir for ur best way of teching techinique. truely speaking I prefer only ganpati bappa in god but now i say that u r my teaching god just like ganpati bappa. U r the best & best sir for accounts.
you are the best sir... i had never seen a great teacher like you. your way of teaching is just fantastic... thanx a lot sir for your guidance....
anil kumar shaw, IPCC, 2012
wow sir!truly speaking,i have never seen a great teacher like you.you are greatest in the world.
Binit kumar sharma, IPCC, 2009
The Most amazing and inspiring person i have met in my life. You have always been an inspiration and ll always be the same. Just Two word for you sir "Best tutor".
C.A Sanjeev Kayal, Final, 2011
Sir after taking Classes from you i used to love the subject.Thank u for giving us the in depth knowledge.
Vikash Goel, Final, 2007
Sudarshan Agarwal is indeed the best instructor for Accounts across the country. Thank u sir for all the grooming you did for me and helped me become what I am today. Vikash GM - Corporate Training Institute of Computer Accountants
Sandip Khandelwal, Final, 2011
I thanks sir for the providing me quality and superb knowledge in accounts and helping me to achieve my Goal
CA ANUP AGARWAL, Final, 2011
I thank Sir for enriching us with his valuable knowledge and experience and grooming us with his expertise.